Monday, 2 July 2012

Vestin Sports - Is it a Good Sports Picking Service?

The system I am going to be looking at today is called Vestin Sports. Well when I say system I actually mean sports picking service. The reason I picked this one out of all the sports picking services out there is because of their first month special offer of just under $10, with every month after costing just under $50. This signifies to me that they are confident I will enjoy their system so let's see!

This review was a continuous review, meaning I added to it over the course of a week and then finally submitted at the end.

First Impressions

They seem to go a bit over the top with their live simulator stating that massive profits have been gained. However I wont hold this against them. It might be true you never know!

As for the rest of the site, there is the testimonials that appear on near enough every site these days. The page itself is not of the same long winded sales pages as most online systems/picking services which I like.

Now to sign up, to sign up you have to agree that you have $500 to be able to bet on sports with, which I thought was rather odd but I have so onwards and upwards. Oh ye just in case you didn't realise I am actually signing up to the site as I am typing this!

So payment is simple enough and then through to account creation, upon account creation you are given their '3 rules':

RULE #1. Follow our system exactly!

RULE #2. Don't skip or miss any bets!

RULE #3. Understand the risks of compounding profits

I am in!

I must say the system they have is pretty sweet, its not just a simple they tell you the picks and you bet on them. You tell them what your bankroll is and they tell you how much to bet on the picks they make. You then select if you have made the bet or not and when the game comes in they automatically update your bankroll! Not bad.

Also before I forget they claim to provide picks on all major sports events but mainly on NFL, NBA, MLB and college versions of the same sports!

But what we really want to know is whether or not Vestin Sports makes the correct picks so...

Picks Week One Results

I'm now a week into my Sports Betting career with this system and so far I am loving it. I opted to play with $500 and my bankroll is currently sitting on $722.54, which is not bad.

They have so far given me 12 picks of which 10 have come through which is a terrific return. So at the moment I would have to give them a whopping 5 stars however I will keep this running week by week for a month to see how it pans out for the whole month.

If you are interested in following me on this then head on over to Vestin Sports and set up an account and then check out my blog.


To conclude with I am going to say I am very pleased with the system provided by Vestin Sports and I will say it is the number one system I have tested to date, so I recommend everyone head on over there while it is still cheap. I have decided to expand on this post and give Vestin Sports their own category on my blg so if you are interested in checking my performance or you wish to talk further with me about them then why not follow me over at

By: → Mike Jacobsen

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