Monday, 30 July 2012

Give Sports Fans Some Credit - Sports Credit Cards

It seems that there are credit cards for nearly every interest. Those who travel frequently can gain travel benefits by using special credit cards affiliated with hotel chains and airlines. Those who are interested in charitable causes can use charity credit cards to make donations to their favorite charity every time they make a purchase. Sports fans also have their own unique sports credit cards that let them redeem points from purchases for game tickets, autographs, and sports based memorabilia.

Baseball fans are in luck. There are currently sports credit cards affiliated with every team in Major League Baseball (MLB). Those who use baseball affiliated sports credit cards earn points every time that they make a purchase using their sports credit cards. These points can be redeemed for benefits that are of great interest to baseball fans. Some of the possible redemption awards include game tickets, autographed baseballs, special baseball team gear and athletic wear, and other benefits.

Of course, the benefits of sports credit cards are not just available to baseball enthusiasts. Fans of teams in the National Football League (NFL) also have their own line of sports credit cards. There are both team based and league wide sports credit cards affiliated with the NFL. Team based sports credit cards let users redeem their points for items affiliated with the particular team.

League wide sports credit cards are more flexible in that they allow users to redeem their rewards for a wider range of events. The downside to league wide sports credit cards is that the increased redemption flexibility comes with the loss of team specific awards that are only available to holders of sports credit cards affiliated with certain teams.

College athletics events are more popular than professional athletics in many parts of the country. There are also sports credit cards that are associated with most major National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) affiliated teams. These sports credit cards are often issue by local banks as opposed to the sports credit cards offered by professional sporting leagues, which are typically offered by national lending organizations.

College affiliated sports credit cards often have perks and benefits similar to those available from professional sports credit cards, but they also often allow account holders to make a donation to the college with each purchase. In this way, collegiate sports credit cards include features of both sports credit cards as well as charity credit cards.

By: → Morgan Hamilton

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