Monday, 29 October 2012

Review Of Popular Sports Book

I have used many sports books that are online these days, and for the most part they seem good, but one sports book in particular stood out to me. That was Credit card accepting was a breeze, which can be difficult on most sites, but at sportsbook it was fast an easy. I didn't have to call anyone or set up new accounts on netTeller, or anything. So I noticed that right off the bat as by far the biggest advantage that sportsbook has on their competition.

Then I started to notice that when ever me and the guys got around to watch some college football, that my odds were lower than theirs. I will do their sports book a favor and not mention who they use. But sometimes it was 1/2 a point, which is the difference between a push and a loss or a win!! Thats a big deal when you have a couple hundred riding on the game. Another thing I started to notice, especially on basketball games, is that they got their odds out faster than other sites. This is an advantage when you want to do some research before you go and lay money down.

Other things that has going for itself, is that they had some neat flash casino games. And playing around with 5 bucks I was able to turn that money into 150 bucks. Which of course is all just dumb luck on a silly slot machine I was fooling with. So i figured since I had this extra cash I might as well go and play some Hold'em, which was nothing special but a fast download.

As a few weeks went by I started to notice that they have some really great promos. Such as the perfect parlay, which is free to play, for the NFL and if you pick all the games right you get 100,000 bucks. For free!!! It takes like 10 minutes and you might actually win, which I thought was cool. They also have cash back on losing bets for the playoffs, and some special basketball promos as well. I have recently tried playing around with their fantasy football and basketball settings. This is another way to make some good money if you are good with picking the right players. It is a certian amount for everyone to enter and the winner takes home the whole pot, not a bad way to make a few extra bucks based on your sports knowledge.

All in all I think this sports book is top notch and will keep my business for a while. You should check it out. But If you do so Please visit them through my site listed in resources, its only fair since I told you about them and how good they were to me. Other things you can find at our site, are free daily sports picks, many sports articles and game recaps posted, as well as our premium picks which are just easy ways to make even more money. Come check us out as well, our link is listed below in the about author section.

By: → John Turvik

Monday, 22 October 2012

Soccer And Basketball: The War Between The Two Of The Most Popular Sports

Soccer and Basketball are currently considered to be the two of the most popular sports among the world’s population. Although Basketball was created in the United States, and Soccer in Europe, the two have become increasingly popular in both countries.

Both sports require the athletes to be in shape and fit, but endurance might be more important among soccer players, while exquisite skill is the more important factor in basketball. Many of the major differences between soccer and basketball are being subdued, due to the fact that basketball is becoming more and more popular in Europe, and soccer in the United States.

In the United States, most of the sports television broadcasts on network TV are of sports other than soccer. You generally need to have cable to catch a glimpse of a professional soccer game, and even then only a portion of the games are broadcast, compared to a majority of games of other sports. In Europe, soccer is a favorite pastime, and most of the games are broadcast over other sporting events such as basketball.

However, the United States is becoming more involved in the soccer world since they introduced the World Cup, and maybe the gap between football and futbol is finally diminishing. It is still more likely than not that more American’s, if asked to name 10 professional basketball players, then 10 professional soccer players, would have a much easier time naming the basketball players.

The fact still remains that American’s simply do not consider soccer to one of the traditional, all-American sports that it does football, basketball, and baseball. Regardless of the fact that soccer has been around and played for many, many years, much like the sports that are considered to be favorite pastimes in the United States, it just hasn’t been played religiously in the United States for individuals to simply give up our sports that consist mainly of players throwing balls, to players kicking balls instead.

It’s projected that within a few more years, the exposure of soccer in the United States, as well basketball in Europe and other countries, will begin to gain to popularity and respect as a sport well played by athletes who train just as hard as any other professional athlete. The media can help to play a huge role in broadening the horizons of soccer by simply making broadcasts of games more readily available and easier to access, as well as on other channels rather than only cable.

By: → Lanny Hintz

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Most Popular Sports In The United States

All around the globe, on any given day, you will find some sort of sports event on your local television station or on cable. With networks dedicated solely to sports, you can find things like boxing, bowling, fishing, basketball, football, baseball and soccer on 24 hours a day! Most days you will be able to see sports live, either by watching pee-wee, high school, college and even professional sports events. Most ticket prices for local sports are reasonable and you and your whole family can enjoy the excitement of the game!

When you look at the citizens of the United States, there are several sports that seem to be much more popular than others. They, of course, will cost you a bit more to attend, but the thrill of being there will make the price well worth it. The most popular sports in the United States today, being watched live and on screens, are:

1. Baseball is one of the top sports being played in the United States. Having been played in the United States the longest, baseball attracts millions of fans to ball fields every year. There isn’t just professional baseball to keep many Americans busy, though. Proud parents everywhere enjoy watching their children learn and play the game. What a great feeling when you see your child hit the ball or score a run! As the old song goes, “Take me out to the ball game!”. When it comes to sports, professional and amateur, baseball is ranked right up there at the top.

2. Football began as a college sport in the United States in the mid 1800s. Football is truly the “American Sport”, since it is played in the United States exclusively. It has grown from being played only in college to having professional teams and being played by students in both elementary and high schools. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events when it comes to sports, and it determines which one of the many professional football teams will be considered the best for that year!

3. Basketball is a popular sport worldwide. The number of people around the world playing basketball can reach a staggering 300 million! Basketball is one of the only professional sports in the United States to welcome foreign players onto teams, with many players of professional basketball being recruited from other countries and brought to the United States to play.

4. Hockey is one of the newer sports gaining popularity with the American public. It did not originate in the United States, but it has found its way into our sporting life and become one of the fastest growing sports. Ice hockey is the most popular form of this sport, with street hockey being popular with older kids everywhere.

You may be asking “Where is golf and soccer on this list?” Well, although both sports are gaining in popularity, neither one meets the level of fans of the sports listed above.

By: → Sintilia Miecevole

Monday, 8 October 2012

The 5 Most Popular Sports in Asia

Asia is a pretty big continent. Actually, it is the biggest and the most populated continent of the world. So, it’s only natural that the people living here to be fans of a lot of different sports. Both team sports and individual ones are very popular in Asia.

European football (or soccer) became extremely popular in almost all Asian countries, during the last few decades. This team sport, born in Great Britain, literally conquered the world. Countries like South Korea, Japan and China developed a real national obsession about soccer. Soccer is a game played by two teams of eleven players each, on a large, rectangular field, about 120 meters long and 90 meters wide. One game lasts 90 minutes and is divided in two 45 minutes rounds. The whole purpose of the game is to put the ball inside the other’s team goal. A goalkeeper guards the goal. The team that scores more wins the game. Unlike American football, European football (or soccer) restricts a lot physical contacts between players. It’s based more on a good control of the ball by the players, being a team sport where serious injuries are very rare. This is why soccer also becomes widely popular among women too.

Cricket, another team sport brought to Asia by the British, is very popular and loved in a lot of countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan or Sri Lanka. Cricket is also played by two teams or 11 players, but on an oval field, with a diameter of about 200 meters. In the center of that field is the pitch, where two batsmen stand, waiting for a ball to be delivered by the bowler. If the batsman successfully fits the ball and then he runs to the other end of the pitch, it means that he scored points for his team. The rules of cricket are really complex and there is more than one way for playing this game. However, this is not stopping people from Asia to enjoy cricket and to play it for days. A single game of cricket can sometimes take even five days to be completed.

Table tennis can be played by single players or by teams of tow and it’s incredibly popular in a lot of Asian countries, like China, South Korea or Vietnam. Table tennis is played over a table with a net in the middle, with small plastic balls, requiring a huge amount of concentration and coordination from the players. The rules are a lot like those of field tennis: every players needs to send back the balls and if they don’t succeed doing so the opponent receives points.

Gymnastics is, for decades, extremely popular in Asia, especially in China, but also North or South Korea and other Asian countries. Gymnastics is basically an individual sport, although during big competitions the athletes also compete in teams. Women gymnastics involves four different events: uneven parallel bars, floor exercise, balance beam and vaults. As for men, there are six events: floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. Each exercise of a gymnast receives point from a jury of specialists and the one that has more points wins a certain competition.

And, of course, this top wouldn’t be complete without mentioning old, traditional Asian fighting styles, collectively known as martial arts. There is a wide variety of such traditional sports, specific to certain countries, like kung-fu or wushu in China and karate or sumo in Japan.

By: → J. Highland

Monday, 1 October 2012

The 10 Most Popular Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are those which are characteristically thrilling, owing to the high level of risk involved. They often include extremes of physical exertion or speed, or height. Danger is always present, and this adds to the thrills experienced. Many people enjoy watching extreme sports, rather than participating themselves. The popularity of extreme sports has increased in recent years, especially amongst young people.

One reason behind the evolution of extreme sports is the technological development which has made them possible. Most people do not experience much risk in everyday life, and this too adds to their attraction. People seek the thrill, and enjoy the attention it receives as well.

The Ten Most Popular Extreme Sports


The surfer uses a board to glide along on a breaking wave. There are now two classifications of surfing, based on the design of the board and riding style. These are short and long boarding. Surfing is said to have been developed long ago in Polynesia, and came to the rest of the world when Europeans first observed it.


This sport uses a surfboard with a sail, by means of which the rider can skim across the surface of the water. Thus it combines elements of surfing and sailing. The sport developed in the latter part of the twentieth century.

Hot Air Ballooning

This technology was the first form of human air transport. The balloon contains a bag which holds the hot air, and the passengers are carried in a wicker basket which hangs underneath. Hot air ballooning is now a sport, and modern structure includes fire resistant materials for the mouth of the balloon.

Mountain Biking

In this sport the bike rider rides over rough ground on a mountain bike or hybrid road bike. There are four classifications in mountain biking: street riding, downhill, freeride and cross country. Mountain biking has now developed as an extreme sport, and there is now a hall of fame to celebrate the achievements of early mountain bikers.

Hang Gliding

A hang glider is an aircraft which you can launch yourself, and which you then guide in the air by means of shifting your weight. You can also steer them by means of aircraft control technology. Modern hang gliders can perform aerobatic stunts and can fly long distances and at significant height.


The techniques of flying and launching a paraglider are similar to those in hang gliding. There are no solid supports in a paraglider. The paraglider pilot needs to possess understanding of relevant engineering technology and aircraft design, as well as weather conditions. Rough weather can cause a high degree of risk in this sport.


Skydiving, or parachuting, is when a person falls (on purpose) from a height, supported by a parachute. Early jumps were from hot air balloons in the eighteenth century, and it became an international sport in the mid twentieth century. It is now popular both as a recreation and as a sport.


This sport is enjoyed as a recreational activity as well as a sport, and combines elements of hiking, trekking and walking. The original intention was to reach high places, where no one had trekked previously. It then developed into a physically demanding sport. Some people enjoy mountaineering in the snow, others prefer rocky climbs.

Ice Climbing

This sport means climbing up icefalls and ice covered rock faces. There are two variations, water ice climbing (on cliffs or under waterfalls), and alpine ice climbing (in the mountains). The equipment used varies according to things such as the type of slope and ice texture.

Bungee Jumping

This extreme sport involves jumping from a height, whilst attached from above by a long elastic cord. The jumper usually jumps from a structure such as a crane, bridge or high building. The jumper falls free until caught and bounced up and down by the cord, and this provides lots of thrill.

By: → Seomul Evans