Monday, 5 November 2012

The Most Popular American Sports Today

There is no doubt that American sports are big business today, with new stadiums and arenas cropping up all the time and sports paraphernalia sales wracking in a huge amount of cash. While the popularity of American sports remains consistent, the list has evolved over the years as the American public has embraced a variety of sports and celebrity players. We have the top five American sports, with a list that may surprise you. For example, while tennis and soccer are both frequently viewed offerings worldwide, neither made the cut for the top five American sports on this list.

1. Baseball

Baseball has long been thought of as the all-American sport – ranking right up there with apple pie and Chevrolet cars as the stuff that this great country was founded on. Baseball can still boast the fact that it is the longest played sport in America, and is the one pastime that has been able to transcend racial prejudice and political problems. The sport came from the English version of cricket, and is still one of the top sports in America today.

2. Football

Football came to this country in the latter part of the nineteenth century, when teams began representing their colleges in this sport. Within a few decades, the sport turned professional, with the first Super Bowl being played in 1935. This sport has overtaken baseball as the most popular sport in this country, undoubtedly fueled by the many gifted players who have become celebrities of sorts across the nation. Today, the Super Bowl is the most viewed television program in the country.

3. Basketball

Basketball is a popular sport in America, but this pastime also has global popularity with Russian players now joining the ranks of the NBA. This sport has also gained a following from the many well known players that have excelled in the sport. Probably the most famous basketball player to date is Michael Jordan. Basketball season is a nice way to span the season between football and baseball for many sports buffs.

4. Hockey

Hockey did not originate in the United States, but it has certainly become a well known sport in this country. Most major cities boast a major league hockey team, and many host minor league and college teams as well. Hockey originated in Canada and one of the appeals of the sport is the fact that these two countries play so closely together. Wayne Gretzky may be the most famous hockey player to have ever played, and he has continued his legacy in the coaching realm in recent years.

5. Golf

Tiger Woods may be one of the top reasons that this sport has made the top five list in the United States. Most golf aficionados never get tired of watching this amazing athlete in action. Golf is equally popular around the world, especially in Scotland where it originated.

Sports are a fantastic way to bring people together and have certainly become a popular pastime for many. These five sports are the most common to find in American households today, with something for every sports fan in this country.

By: → Nathan Martyn

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