Monday, 3 September 2012

Sports Is Passion

Destiny is what we wanted to be when we were young. Paulo Coelho, the famous Latin-American writer who is the author of "The Alchemist," made this statement through one of his book's characters. I know it is not the real meaning of the word, destiny, but somehow it pertains to another word, that is, passion. It is fascinating that passion is alive in the eyes of a child. I mean, would you believe if I told you that a child has a purer passion than an adult? Simply because a child knows what he really wants; whereas the adult knows what he wants, but he is not sure if it is good for him. The former knows that what he wants will give him happiness, while the latter would rather choose the one that is good for him but would not make him happy. I learned this from my father. He taught me everything. Ever since I was a child, he always tells me to "push, push, push!" He always wants me to give my best in everything, most especially in sports.

Taekwondo has been my sport since I was three years old. You don't believe it, do you? It is because of my father, who was a coach of a popular basketball team in our town. He is also a taekwondo aficionado. We also swim, golf, and ski together. That's kinda lot of sports, isn't it? Well, this is the main reason I love hunting for sports goods online, and I make sure that I know every discount shopping site on the Internet. Aside from discount shopping, I also love hunting for a discount hotel and discount cruises. Woohoo! Discount is a music to any shopper's ears, right girls? Anyway, I always hated it everytime I forgot my knee pads when I went to my training. My knees suffered because of it. What happened to me, one time, changed my life.

One day, I joined this sports competition in our town. Nope, I was not the only girl there. We were actually five girls in Taekwondo. This time, I did not forget to bring my knee pads since it was a competition and I knew I needed it. But when it was about my turn, I forgot to actually put them on. I know it was the most stupid act I have ever done because it fractured my knees. My ball joints were injured, and I was not able to finish the fight. Plus, the best news was I would not be able to go to training anymore. My life, then, turned dull and boring. The life and the vibrancy of my sporty life was gone, and so was my interest for living. I really wanted to go back to Taekwondo again, but my father wouldn't let me.

Today, I shop sports goods for my son. Well, what can we do? Like mother, like son. I love this particular site that auctions any sport good that a sports buff needs. I recently bid for a pair of knee pads for my son. Of course, I don't want him to follow my stupidity. My mom taught me how to love online discount shopping. It was because every time we shopped together, she spent painstaking hours before she could buy a single dress. It annoyed me to death. So, my friend suggested online shopping, and discount shopping came from my personal inclination to cheap yet exceptional goods. This Adidas knee pads that I plan to buy for my kid is really cheap. Its latest auction is for $9 only.

Online discount shopping is the most convenient way of saving our money and preventing varicose veins. I recommend online shopping for all strong women who rarely have time for herself. However, if you're going for an online shopping be sure that you go to a trusted site because a lot of online shopping sites display a good image of the product, but in reality it is retiring from work. I know that we all don't want to waste money for nothing. So aside from the discounted prices, ensure also the quality of the product you want to purchase.

Lastly, to all sports buff: if your passion is sports, then quit smoking! Well, if you can't quit it, at least reduce smoking habits. It lessens the endurance that you need in sports. My father couldn't quit smoking, so he is suffering from my mother's absence. No, he does not have lung cancer yet. My mom just decided to stay with me and leave my dad because he wouldn't quit his smoking habits.

By: → Brenda Fleen

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